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Hospitality, Parking - Valet Tags

Valet tags are often utilized at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. When someone comes to the parking valet, they are provided with a stub from a valet tag, and then they can enter the establishment, such as their favorite restaurant. The valet tag will typically feature numbers on it or space where the valet will write information about the vehicle and where it was parked. The patron will receive half of the tag and when they return from the establishment, they will hand the valet the ticket. He or she will then go to the parking lot and retrieve the vehicle for the patron.

This is a simple but very effective system that allows the valet to park and retrieve the vehicle quickly. The customer does not have to wait long for their vehicle to return, and then they can be on their way. This makes the customer happy, and it ensures that the establishment always knows how many vehicles are in their lot and where they are all located.Today, there are many types of valet tags available, but they all work in a similar fashion. Other types of hospitality tags, such as coat room tags and baggage claim tags, work in a very similar fashion. Hospitality Tags: Valet Tags, Baggage Tags, Coat Check Tags, Specialized,