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Custom Label Printing Company

  • We can print labels in different shapes and sizes. We do circles, squares, oval, starbusrt etc. Sizes range from small to large, 0.75x0.75 to 5x5 and larger. Use designsnprint for all you your custom product labels, stickers, packaging, for mailing return address etc. We offer a complete line of custom product package labels.
Standard Ink Color For Our Labels
black red green
reflex blue yellow purple
brown burgundy pink
D/ green navy blue Violet
teal orange white
gray Lt. pink gold
The Printing Process:

We offer you 4-color process printing with industry-leading technology. Digital printing project ideas include:
Just in time inventory Full
Regional or private labeling
Multiple lots/versions and SKUs with barcodes
Personalization and variable date
Sales Promotions and event marketing
Testing and product qualification runs
Available Paper Stocks For Labels
label paper stock
label material
Label Materials
Allow us to help you select the right materials for your application. Whether your product requires paper, film, or foil label material.
white gloss, ivory, yellow, gold foil, silver foil, green fluorescent, orange, pink, chartreuse, red, clear film, silver, dull gold, dull silver, white matte, ivory matte,

Labels and Stickers Tips and Uses
Labels come in many different shape and sizes for you to use the best way that fit your needs. They are also produced from an array of materials depending on how they will be used. Many people use terms label and stickers interchangeably because they are very similar look and use. I think a sticker used to mostly display images or graphics element while stickers have more text to display information.
Here are some important facts about labels

  • The most popular sizes are between .75” x 2” and 4” x 6”
  • There is increasing use of photographic quality 4-color printing
  • High gloss ultra-violet (UV) varnish makes details pop
  • Low minimums starting at 100 labels on some sizes
  • Your labels can be printed in 24 hours
  • Most of the time labels are provided on rolls
  • Full color labels can now have that pop and shimmer of metallic with the introduction of color logic
  • It’s best to provide your print-ready artwork in EPS or PDF
  • Artwork should be sized to the label chosen
  • UV Varnish is applied at no additional cost
  • 4-Color processed inks are not fade-resistant

Some Tips and Facts

  • Most requested shape
  • Multi-purpose label for all types of branding, messaging, and packing
  • Design your label horizontally or vertically to maximize your message space
  • Commonly used in the food and beverage industries
  • Great for medical charts, visitor badges, barcodes labels and so much more

Some Tips and Facts

  • Commonly used as pricing stickers
  • Great for product labels
  • Show support for a cause or organization
  • Ideal for call-outs or action items
  • Add eye appeal by using curved copy


1. These are a classic shapes that lends to a sense of style to any design
2. Commonly used shape by bakeries, jewelry and boutiques
3. Add impact by using as a vertical label
4. Excellent alternative to a circle for packaging seals
5. Multiple purpose shape great for adding a modern twist to your label
6. Create an impact by angling or creating a border with your text
7. Timeless shape often used for retail, personalized and advertising labels


Fun and unique shapes add a “little something extra” to make  shapes provide a stronger self presence

Tips and Uses
1. Great for recognition and awareness programs
2. Advertise milestone anniversaries
3. Eye catching shapes provide a stronger shelf presence

These labels are attractive and stand out against the competition. Square cut labels and stickers are an economical answer for non-standard sizes
They can be ordered as square cot individual labels with a minimum size of one 1” x 1”

1. labels come on a roll unless otherwise specified
2. Labels are placed close to each other without a gap
3. Artwork and type must stop 1/8th of an inch from all edges.
4. Bleeds are also available
5 To determine your square inch price category, multiply label length time width.


These are elegant and sophisticated with foil or embossed
Stocks for foil stamping include white gloss, white matte, clear film, gold foil dull gold foil, silver foil, dull silver foil, black gloss, forest green, forest green gloss
Stock for foils includes copper, gold, silver, red. light blue, blue, green, black, black matte, white
Stock for blind embossed are gold, dull gold, silver, dull foil and dull silver

1. Initial price listed usually includes one standard one standard foil imprint or blind embossed imprint
2. Foil and embossed combination available
3. Labels are usually provided on a roll. If you want individual labels, you would have to make that request.
4. Reverses are not recommended
5. For best quality, we recommend at least 3pt. thickness on fonts, borders, and fine lines
6. These labels are great for artisan and fine crafted products
7. Adds value and integrity, such as an official seal
8. Creates a :wow: factor that commands attention


These are the most durable labels made to withstand the climatic elements
1. Printed on durable, weather resistant polyolefin or polyester stock
2. FREE gloss laminate provides additional protection against moisture, scratching, and outside elements. Matte lamination is available upon request at no additional charge.
3. Fade resistance may vary depending on color(s) and or geographic location. Sunscreen lamination is also available. It contains an additive that combats UV light ray and may extend fade resistance of some inks.
4. labels are provided on rolls and consecutive numbering is also available
5. White ink backup is strongly recommended to enhance readability on clear polyester

Some great features of rectangles are:
They are commonly used for home medical equipment
Parking permits for schools, universities, apartment complexes and businesses
Caution or warning labels
Computer and equipment ID tags

Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?


Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?