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Check Paper

Blank Check Paper With Security Features

Blank Check Paper: Secure and Cost-Effective

Blank check paper lets you print your own checks using your computer software and laser printer.

  • Cost Savings: Blank checks are significantly cheaper than custom-printed options.
  • Security: Built-in features like chemically sensitive paper and erasure protection safeguard your financial information.
  • Flexibility: Choose from various colors, formats (check position, number of checks per page), and copy options (single, duplicate, triplicate).
  • Convenience: Print checks for multiple accounts without changing paper stock.

Important Notes:

  • MICR Toner: We recommend Magnetic ink for electronic readability of your checks.
  • Software Compatibility: Make sure your accounting software can print checks on blank stock.


Features of Our Blank Check Paper:

  • Premium paper quality meets bank standards.
  • Built-in security features for fraud prevention.
  • Different formats and sizes for your business needs.
  • Compatible with laser or inkjet printers (MICR toner recommended).


Stay Compliant and Professional: Print compliant, professional checks with our blank check paper that meets banking standards. Maintain a polished brand image with clean, crisp printouts that project confidence.

Ordering Made Easy: We offer a straightforward selection process for blank check paper. Simply choose your desired color, check position, and any additional copy options. Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have questions – we're here to help you make the right choice for your business.

FAQs About Blank Check Paper:

  • Do blank checks have advanced security features? Yes! Our paper incorporates security features like chemically sensitive material, erasure protection, and security screens to deter fraud.


  • How can I determine the most suitable format for my needs? You can use a regular inkjet or laser printer for check paper. However, a laser printer with MICR toner is the best choice for clear printing and easy bank processing.


  • How can I determine the best format for my needs? Contact us to discuss your accounting software and printing needs, and we'll guide you towards the best blank check paper solution.


  • What is check paper?

Check paper is a specialized paper stock designed for printing your own business or personal checks. It includes built-in security features to deter fraud, such as:

  • Chemically sensitive paper
  • Erasure protection
  • Security screens and warning boxes

Check paper is compatible with most accounting software and laser or inkjet printers. Using MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner is recommended for optimal bank readability