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Carpet Cleaning Invoice

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Carpet Cleaning Invoice Forms - Custom Printing

Carpet cleaning invoices are essential for any carpet cleaning business that wants to keep track of their services and bill their customers accurately. Our carpet cleaning invoices are personalized and custom printed on multipart carbonless paper, so you can keep a copy for your records and provide one to your customer.

Carpet Cleaning Invoice

The carpet cleaning invoice is the paperwork used by a carpet cleaning company or professional to show all the details of the job being performed. This is necessary to communicate a common understanding between the client and the contractor hired to do the work. All the costs are included, fixed or hourly, for residential and commercial jobs alike. Note that a work order can also be used. When the job is completed, the invoice is presented to collect payment immediately or at a future date like within 30 days. When the payment is collected a copy is given to the client as a receipt after it is signed and indicated as being paid.

What's Imprinted on Carpet Cleaning Invoice

Generally speaking, a Carpet Cleaning Invoice is a document that shows the work that will be performed and later used to collect payment for said work. The design can be unique to a particular company but there are some basic elements that the form should include. There are:

  • The name and contact information of the company performing the job
  • The name and address of the client of which the work is being done
  • The date and name of the cleaning technician or person
  • Details of the job include the type of cleaning, the number of rooms, sizes, and prices per square feet.
  • Any additional work like cleaning furniture, drapes, etc.
  • All the rates, the subtotal for all tasks, taxes, and the final total billed.
  • On the back are printed the conditions which state authorizations, agreements, guarantees, etc.

How to Use a Carpet Cleaning Invoice

  1. Personalize it to create a professional form for your business
    Before you even start to use the invoice, make sure it is custom printed with your logo and business information. This branding will help to portray your professionalism and promote your business when every client is billed.
  2. Visit the job site to make estimates and quotes
    You should visit the home or office site to make an observation of the work needed. This way you can be very specific on what needs to be done and the rates or costs of each task.
  3. Give an estimate and come to an agreement
    Before you start doing the work, give the client a quote or an estimate of what the job will cost. Once there is an agreement, you can set a date to start the job.
  4. Perform the job
    Follow the details of the estimate and complete the job in a timely manner. Do each task as agreed upon by you and the customer. Do your best work using professionalism, technical knowledge, and impress to leave a lasting impression.
  5. Issue the invoice for payment
    It is now time to issue the invoice for completing the job. Have the client sign it to show that they are satisfied and accept the work. You can keep a copy for your own records and give one to the customer. They are made of carbonless duplicate forms to make this process easy.