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Custom Repair Tags

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Custom Repair Tags

Custom Repair Tags

Our repair and inspection tags will help manage the work done in your repair shop. You can keep track by labeling the item being repaired with a tag for future reference. They are sequentially numbered for easy identification when you need to find the item quickly. The bottom of the tag is manufactured with a claim check that can be given to the customer. Some tags are duplicated with carbonless paper and a hard manila card stock for the last copy. The first copy is an invoice that is integrated into the tag and detachable claim check. You can also list additional materials used on the back.

Repair tags can be customized and printed for work on a motor vehicle, equipment, bicycle, appliance, furniture, and more. We make it easy to Personalize each tag with your logo or other unique custom design to fit your business needs. Customization options include:

  1. Print up to 4 over 4 ink colors
  2. 15 standard & 5 fluorescent tag colors available - also custom tinted colors available too.
  3. Manila and white uncoated tag.
  4. Other materials available for example weather resistant Tyvek material
  5. Top clipped corners, round corners, or square corners
  6. Perforating or scoring
  7. Reinforcements: Fiber patch, Metal eyelet, Strip Mylar.
  8. Die-cut holes and slots
  9. Consecutive numbering
  10. Transfer tape applied
  11. Strings attached: Knotted, Looped, or Elastic.
  12. Wires attached: 26ga, 23ga, or 21ga galvanized.

They are custom printed with your logo and business information to build a powerful visual statement about your brand identity. Order your next set of repair and inspection tags with string at DesignsnPrint, your online commercial printer.

Some of our most common products include:

  • Custom repair tags - personalize one of our templates or request a price quote
  • Service repair tags - Used for the service or repair of equipment, electronics, furniture, etc. can also be used to signify if the equipment is out of service.
  • 3 part repair tags
  • Service record rags
  • Vehicle Repair & Inspection - used for forklifts and other heavy-duty vehicles or machinery
  • Custom inspection tags - used for the inspection of Fire Extinguishers and other items

We have the following Attachment Options: Loose Strings, Elastic, Wires, Copper Parcel Hooks, 17 Gauge Deadlocks, Cable Ties, Security Attachments, and TACH-IT Identification System.

They are printed in bright colors like red, green, and yellow for easy identification. Order online now or call us at 1-800-492-1218.