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Integrated Cards, Forms, Labels & Security Adhesives

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Integrated Cards, Forms, Labels & Security Adhesives

You can save time and money by combining more than one product unto a document. Integrated product printing gives you this option and it makes life much more convenient for your and the customer. For examples places like zoos, museums, schools and water parks normally have membership campaigns that require annual renewals. here you can integrate cards with variable imaging. Integrated labels may be used for repair date reminders, it can be a combination for an invoice and a label. This king of efficient printing can be done for multifuctional business forms, specialty integrated products, security and special adhesive labels. Examples of these products are perforated cards, laminate cards, self-encapsulating, butterfly, fold-over cards, shipping label and invoices, return shipping labels, specialty laminate, printed liners, holograms, temper evident labels, and more.