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Custom Printed Corrugated Cardboard Box Mailer, Gift Boxes, Subscription Boxes, And E-commerce Packaging

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Custom Printed Corrugated Cardboard Box Mailer, Gift Boxes, Subscription Boxes, And E-commerce Packaging

We can help you produce the perfect retail-ready gift boxes, subscription boxes, and e-commerce packaging for your business. Use custom printed packaging mailers to enhance your brand name and build customer loyalty. We design and print product packaging boxes for all industries, use cases, and businesses. 

No minimum quantity. You may need to order a quantity starting at one box for a sample before you order a larger quantity. Request a price quote for small or larger quantities. The setup fee is free. Allow us to create your customized design or upload your own. Request a free PDF template to create your design with the right specifications.

Features & Options:

  • design & prototyping services
  • foil effects
  • gloss & soft touch lamination
  • raised UV
  • variable data printing
  • One- and two-sided printing available

This is just a sampling of sizes and styles that are available. Please call for additional options.

These are questions one should consider when ordering custom printed cardboard box mailers:

NEED to know:

  • What is going into the package?
  • Stock – type, and weight
  • Quantity
  • Dimensions – L x W x D
    • Length – left to right
      Width – front to back
      Depth- top to bottom
  • Are the dimensions from the inside (usable space) or outside?
  • Style of the box? – Tuck, lift top, tote, carrier, sleeve, etc.
  • Bottom style? – Tuck, auto-bottom, 1-2-3, seal end, etc.
  • Is a tray/insert needed?
  • One or two-sided?
  • Any special processes? – UV, foil, lamination, emboss, raised foil, etc.
  • What is the budget?
  • What is the timeline?
  • Are there multiple versions?
  • How will it be used?
  • Is fulfillment or warehousing needed?

NICE to know:

  • Is this a one-time run or will it possibly repeat?
  • Are there other pieces it will need to match?
  • Is this a brand new or existing piece?
  • Is there a die line, photo, PDF, physical sample?
  • Is a window needed? Patched?
  • Seam in or seam out? (for glue tabs)
  • Will there be a UPC code? Where will it be placed?
  • Will the package be used for children? CPIS requirements
  • Will the packaging have direct contact with food?
  • Will the package be distributed by hand? Mailed/shipped?
  • Will the package be exposed to heat, cold, moisture? Stored in a cooler or freezer
  • Shelf life/durability needs – Going into a retail store?
  • Is a hanger hole required?
  • How much does the product weigh?
  • Does the package fit into something else?
  • How is the package being filled? – Hand or machine
  • Will the package be used multiple times or one and done?
  • Any packaging/shipping requirements? – Boxing, skid, labels, etc.