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Pressure Seal Mailers, Forms & Checks

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Pressure Seal Mailers, Forms & Checks

Min/QTY: 1000
Price 170.80
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Min/QTY: 1000
Price 170.80
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Pressure Seal Mailers

A pressure seal form offers your business a high degree of efficiency in creating, processing, and delivering mailers without an envelope. You can easily create and print a custom form postage ready. This will allow you to reduce cost, customize a design mail in bulk or single mailed letters. Use pressure seal forms to mail paychecks, invoices, tax forms, utility bills, medical bills, statements, grade reports, test results, medical reports, collection notices, PIN notifications, bank documents, jury notifications, sale notifications, payroll solutions, refunds, and rebates, checks, summons, acknowledgments, reminders, certificates, membership applications 
transcripts, grade reports, class schedules and more!. Order Pressure seal all-purpose self-mailers online and save now. We ship to all States within the US and all cities. A pressure seal document processing system can create a self-mailer from a single ply of paper.

Pressure Seal Self-Mailers are used by:
Financial Institutions like banks, insurance companies, etc.
Governmental institutions - Municipalities, cities, etc.
Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc.
Utilities - Water Bill, Electric Bill, Tax Documents, etc.
Healthcare - Hospitals, Laboratories, Doctors
Hospitality - Restaurants, Hotels, Event Planning, etc.
Retail - Shops, Stores, Shopping centers, Malls, etc.

Enquire about our direct mail services:
We can mail your documents no matter the industry, components, audience, hardware for imprinting, or delivery methods.

Only Three Steps To Processing Your Important Information:

  1. Select the pressure product that best fits your needs
  2. Print the selected item on your laser printer
  3. Place your printed forms into your folder sealer ( we offer VersaSeal)

Pressure Seal Self Mailers & Checks

The pressure seal self-mailers offer you a cost-effective way to send a document using one piece of paper. That is, the document and envelope are manufactured as one mailed sheet of paper with pre-applied cohesive. This cuts costs, increases speed, and allows for more efficiency in your business. We manufacture pressure seal self-mailer through the VersaSeal® line by PrintXcel. They conform to current postal regulations. We offer folded construction types like C-Fold, Z fold, EZ fold, V fold, flip tab, 1-part 2-way, and double parallel. Both checks and forms are printed in sizes 8.5 x 11" and 8.5 x 14".

Elements of Pressure Seal Mailers

The versatility of these forms gives you a range of options for mailing and incorporating different documents on a single sheet of paper. See our full list of products above for all the options. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • C-Fold with Blank Front and Back
  • V-Fold with Blank Front and Gray Tint Back - (Standard Glue Pattern)
  • Z-Fold with Blank Front and Back
  • Z-Fold Front with Blue Tint on Top and Middle Panels
  • Back with Blockouts on Top and Bottom Panels
  • Z-Fold Blank Front and Back with Blockouts on Top and Bottom Panels

Pressure Seal Equipment Available

Brand Name: VersaSeal

  1. ONESHOT - The VersaSeal ONESHOT is a user-friendly, hand-fed pressure sealer. Ideal for short runs (1 - 1000).
  2. VS1202 provides a user-friendly solution for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers.
  3. VS1406 offers a user-friendly low-volume solution for processing one-piece sensitive mailers.
  4. VS1506 Folder Sealer is the mid-volume folder/sealer for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers.
  5. VSX Folder Sealer offers a user-friendly mid-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers.
  6. VS2006 FOLDER SEALER is a powerful desktop model designed to process pressure-sensitive self-mailers.
  8. VS2054 Folder Sealer is a fully automatic pressure sealer that provides the ultimate tabletop solution for processing pressure-sensitive one-piece mailers.