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15 Ways You Can Use Custom Stickers To Promote Your Business

Blog / 15 Ways You Can Use Custom Stickers To Promote Your Business

Looking for a fun and creative way to promote your business? Custom stickers are a low-cost, high-impact tool that can help you spread the word about your products or services. Plus, people love them and will use them in a wide range of ways.

They're incredibly versatile, and you can always find fresh ways to add them to your marketing arsenal. In this blog post, we'll share 15 ideas for using custom stickers to promote your business.

custom sticker printing

1. Giveaways

You can hand out stickers as giveaways for in-store purchases or as an insert to your parcel when you ship your product. Put them in each bag at the cash register. 

2. Put Stickers at the Register

Instead of giving out stickers, you can also keep a stack of custom stickers by the register and let your customers take one when they feel like it.

3. Run a Promotion Campaign

If you really want to ramp up the effectiveness here, run a placement contest. Whoever puts their sticker in the most creative spot wins – as long as it's in a place where they can legally put a sticker! You can ask your customers to snap a picture and share their work on social media to broaden your reach.

4. Stick them on Things

Let your employees go nuts, placing your custom stickers throughout your store (within reason).

5. Offer Stickers as Rewards on Social Media

You can build a solid following on social media and market your company by offering custom stickers as a reward. Give each new follower two stickers, or give a stack to your 100th or 500th follower.

6. Use Them at Tradeshows and Events

Combine custom stickers to promote your business with your presence at a tradeshow and ensure that everyone who visits your booth has a little something to take away with them.

7. Hand Stickers Out at the Door

Position an employee near the door to your store, and have them hand out stickers to everyone who comes in. Alternatively, place your sticker-giver outside and see how many new faces come in!

8. Use them as Coupons

Everyone loves to save, and you can easily turn your stickers into coupons.

9. Place Them Around the Neighborhood

Do some guerilla marketing and place your stickers around the neighborhood to build awareness (but keep it tasteful and legal).

10. Put them on Your Vehicle(s)

Put your vehicle to good use and place stickers on the windows to really build awareness while you’re out and about.

11. Let Your Employees Wear Them

Wearable stickers are fun, and by letting your employees wear them, you create greater interaction and interest. 

12. Laptop Decals

Give your customers the ability to dress up their laptops or smartphones with your stickers (and use them on your own devices).

13. Fun Stickers for Kids

Get the kids of your customers involved in creating stickers that appeal to younger age groups.

14. Bumper Stickers

Yes, they bear mentioning. Bumper stickers are enormously popular, particularly if you’re able to make them funny or if they have a point beyond advertising your business.

15. On Your Mail/Packaging

Use custom-made business stickers to promote your products by placing them on your packaging, envelopes, and more.



Start using custom stickers to promote your business! Order business stickers today and get creative with how you use them. Whether you hand them out at events, use them as part of your packaging, or give them away as a freebie with every purchase, your custom stickers will surely get your business noticed.

Get started on your custom stickers today.

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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?