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5 Ways To Create Customer Loyalty Like Amazon

Blog / 5 Ways To Create Customer Loyalty Like Amazon

As you likely know, Amazon is the number one e-commerce retailer in the United States. There are many reasons for that. Of course, people appreciate low prices, but they also enjoy having a pleasant consumer experience. Amazon gives that to them in spades.

If you are looking to increase customer loyalty for your own business, taking some cues from Amazon is a pretty excellent idea. We’ll look at five things that set Amazon apart and keeps people coming back to shop time and time again.

Unique Email Marketing

Amazon does a great job of providing personalized emails. This helps them ensure that what you receive is useful. Because of that, more people are going to click and read the email which will then lead them back to Amazon. Amazon’s personalized emails include product suggestions, cart abandonment, and individual offer emails. Each of these is more likely to bring someone back to the website than a standard template email would be.

Individual Support Options

Many people prefer the option of self-service support, rather than being required to call or email a support individual. For a business operating online, this means offering extended information about the products or services you offer. Amazon does this right by incorporating descriptions of products, along with reviews, and images from the seller as well as customers who have purchased the product. This gives people a feeling of comfort and security that can build returning customers. One drawback is that they do not offer many custom printed products on their website.

Great Usability and Performance

As a business selling things, you need to have a page that loads quickly and is easy to use. Things like recommended products and one-click ordering are ways that Amazon makes this their own. Amazon has a great load time, even offering its own cloud services. They also rarely have site problems crop up that can frustrate customers. Making sure your own website can handle traffic and is simple for anyone to use is essential.

Mobile Experience

With so many mobile devices in the world nowadays, having a mobile-first website is crucial. Amazon leads the industry with this as the mobile site makes it easy to find information, navigate, and buy products. Things like auto-fill searching and one-click ordering are especially useful for mobile users. Sites like Amazon, which are easy to use on mobile, bring customer loyalty by virtue of being trusted, no matter where you are or what you use to browse.

All the Extras

Finding new ways to impress customers is important, too. Amazon does this in a lot of ways. They have a broad range of products, they offer free returns, they have quick shipping, and checkout is simple. Each of these things makes life easier for a customer and can make them positive for the brand.

By following these five ideas for accumulating customer loyalty, you will be ahead of a lot of your competition. Even incorporating just one item from the list can make a huge difference if you do it correctly. So look at Amazon and take come cues, make sure your customers want to come back.

Michael Reid

Business Printing & Design Services.

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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?