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An Easy Guide To Completing Bill Of Lading Forms

Blog / An Easy Guide To Completing Bill Of Lading Forms

bill of lading forms

A bill of lading is perhaps the single most important document for a trucking company. Not only is it legally required, but it must be fully completed before a freight shipment can even get underway. If one is filled out incorrectly from the outset, it could delay a shipment and cost the company quite a bit of money. To ensure that this does not happen, consider the following easy guide to completing a bill of lading forms.

The Major Functions of a Bill of Lading Form

A trucking bill of lading form serves three main functions. The first of these is to act as a receipt of goods. The bill of lading is first issued by the carrier and given to the shipper. This is done in exchange for actually receiving the cargo. It also serves as evidence that the carrier has received the merchandise in good condition. The second important function is that the bill of lading is intended to be evidence of a contract existing between the carrier and shipper. This allows the cargo to be shipped as originally agreed upon. Finally, the bill of lading is also meant to be the document that confirms the title to the goods.

Essential Information To Be Included

Within every bill of lading, some essential information does need to be included. Among these items are:

  • The complete name and address of both the shipper and the receiver
  • The date that the shipment is occurring
  • How many units are being shipped in the form of a packing detail list
  • The classification of the freight
  • The exact weight of the actual shipment
  • The type of packaging that will be included
  • An accurate description of the item(s) being shipped
  • The purchase order number, or other types of the account number, that can be used to track the interaction between receiver and shipper
  • Any special instructions that the carrier will need to follow
  • A note attached if any hazardous material is being shipped
  • An accurate declared value of the cargo that is being shipped

5 Types of Bills of Lading

Not all bills of lading are created equal. There are 5 types that are most commonly used today. They are:

  1. Straight Bill of Lading – This is a non-negotiable type of form that is used when the goods have either already been paid for, or no payment is actually required.
  2. Order Bill of Lading Forms – This is issued to the shipper, but can be transferred to a third party if properly endorsed. 
  3. Negotiable Bill of Lading – This can be transferred to a third party upon being endorsed and delivered to another consignee.
  4. Claused Bill of Lading – If there is any damage at all to the goods that have been delivered, this type of bill lading becomes necessary.
  5. Electronic Bill of Lading – As its name implies, this is a form of a bill of lading that is entirely paperless.

Understanding the need for a bill of lading will help your trucking business conform to existing regulations. This will make you more profitable in the long run, all the while streamlining your operations.

Learn more about the bill of lading forms here: https://designsnprint.com/printing/business-forms/96-bill-of-lading-forms-shipper-packing-list-forms.html

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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?