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DesignsnPrint is pleased to announce the addition of custom presentation folders, report covers, key & card holders, flash drive folders & disc covers, photo holders, portfolios, sales boxes, index tabs, binders & document folders to our list of products. You can select from large, medium, mini & small sizes. Do you need more space to store more documents? Capacity folders are built with a wide spine, expandable or deep pockets (bok pocket). 

Folder Specifications:

The 9" x 12" folder with two pockets is the most popular. It is a standard with square corners, 4" horizontal pockets, and business card slot. You can also create them with vertical pockets, hold down tab, wide spine, file tab, curved pockets, wavy pockets, serpentine cut one pocket, one pocket gatefold, one pocket tuck tab, one pocket landscape, wrap around tuck tab flap and more. You do not have to stick with the standard, there are many other options.  For example, legal size folders are 8 1/2 x 14 1/2" and are generally used for real estate, mortgage, banking, legal, credit union, title company and more. They can be made with extra capacity, reinforced edges, expandable pockets etc. 

The folder types are:

Standard 9 x 12" Folders
Legal Size Folders
Reinforced Edge Folders
Capacity Folders
Three Panel Folders
Small & Mid-Size Folders
Gift Card Holders
Tax & Report Covers
Certificate Covers
File Folders
Key & Card Holders
Flash Drive Folders & Disc Covers
Photo Holders
Portfolio Folder
Document Folders

Printing Options:

Folders can be ordered plain, printed, embossed or foil stamped. Four color printing can be done on the front and back cover, plus the pockets. Orders are run to standard color densities. FREE overall GLOSS aqueous coating only. White or Ivory stocks are recommended for four color process printing. Folders can also be printed in one or two PMS (Pantone Matching System) ink colors, which provides spot color accuracy. Foil stamp is applied one standard foil color on front cover, one area up to 15 sq. inches.  Call us at 1-800-492-1218 for a price quote.

We use paper containing 10 - 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. Paper from responsible forests. The base stocks are:

Semi-Gloss 12 PT C1S
Smooth White 80 lb.
Marble Crush White 10 PT C1S
Gloss Text 80 lb. C2S & Matte Text 80 lb
Semi-Gloss: 12 PT C2S, 14 PT C1S, 14 PT C2S, 16 PT C2S, 16 PT C2S, 18 PT C1S, 120 lb. C2S, 130 lb. C2S & 12 PT C1s.
80 lb. Felt: Bright White, Warm White, Sandstone, Pumice, Forest Green, New Black, & Granite.
80 lb. Fiber: White, Natural, Cream. Gray, Rose, Ice Blue, Thyme, Periwinkle
Eko Kraft 80 lb. Eggshell
100 lb. Linen: white, natural, sterling gray, burgundy, merlot, dark blue, deep black, deep pine, mahogany, eggplant

Design and Customization

Stand out from the competition with a custom folder unique to your business brand. Die cutting allows you to expand your imagination and cut out shapes that reflect your unique ideas on the front cover or pockets. We have templates that will help guide you while creating a design. Your files will be ready for printing with the desired specifications. Keep in mind that you can also add business card slots, brochure slits, discs slits, hubs & trays, inserts, stitched brochures or tab dividers, etc.

Professional graphic designers at DesignsnPrint will help create a custom design that is tailored made for any marketing campaign or event. We achieve the best results through one on one contact and clear communication. Utilizing our knowledge of graphic design principles and printing, we make sure your folder cover is well targeted towards the designer audience. 

5 Ways To Customize and Create A Presentation Folder

Folders are generally used to hold documents in the pockets distributed to clients, customers, new employees, contractors etc. There is also the marketing element, where you display information on the outside cover, inside and on the pockets. You have a lot of flexibility for promotion by customizing the folder and the way it is constructed. Present your business in such a way that is professional and unique.  

Leave a lasting and powerful impression on the client's mind with a customized folder that grabs their attention. Using the right designer, with high-resolution images, and a well-crafted idea based on research can help you achieve this goal. Keep these five things in mind the next time you create a custom presentation folder:

1. Your Target Audience. You should think about the people you will present the folder to. This will help you come up with a theme that is relevant to your industry and audience. You would not expect a folder for a zoo to look the same as one for a construction company. This will also help to gauge your budget by creating a folder with the right size and extra value added finishes. It will also help you to choose the right colors, images, font type and overall content.

2. The Size and Capacity. The standard folder size 9" x 12" and it is used to hold paper size 8.5 x 11 or smaller. Folders can be much small or larger depending on its use. Legal size folders are 9 1/2" x 14 1/2" and they can be made with additional features like short, tall or expandable pockets, reinforced edges, wide spine or backbone, business card slot, etc. Folders can also be tri-fold, three panels, with three pockets. These give much more space to display your advertisement or promotional message. Also more room or capacity to hold more papers or documents. A smaller size would be 6" x 9" or mid-size7 x 10". 

3. The Paper Stock. You have close to a hundred paper stocks to choose from, both basic and custom stocks. White paper stocks are the most common because you can print just about any color on those. You can get really fancy by choosing paper with different textures, colors, shades, gloss, smooth, etc. All these choices give you the opportunity to come up with a truly excellent folder that speaks to your customer. 

4. Printing, Foil Stamp or Embossing. 

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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?