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How To Make A Catering Invoice

Blog / How To Make A Catering Invoice

A catering invoice is used by a caterer to bill their clients for products and services. This could be an event planning company that offers catering services for other businesses, weddings, parties, etc. It could also an individual caterer who caters to individuals like a birthday cake who sells meals like lunches daily.

Why Use A Catering Invoice

The invoice forms an integral part of the business process. It shows that you are a credible business and a true professional. It helps in record-keeping for both you and the customer. The personalization of the catering invoice also ensures that your business is being promoted with the exposure of your brand name.

The invoice shows exactly what product or services were rendered and at what price. Stamp PAID on the invoice and issue it as a receipt.

How to Make a Catering Invoice

You have multiple options when it comes on to creating a catering invoice. You could use a program like MS word of Exel to create your own invoice from scratch or you could download a free template online. This would be useful if you intend to email or print and deliver a physical copy to the customer.

There are also online invoice generators that can be used by simply filling in the form digitally.

We offer carbon copy invoice format pre-printed on carbonless paper. These are duplicated sheets that you can be complete by manually writing the information. You can choose to personalize by adding a logo and business information. You can also request a price quote for a custom format.

What to Include On The Invoice

  1.  Bill From and Bill To Information. The bill from information will include your name, business name, address, phone, email, etc. The bill to detail will be the name and contact information of the customer.
  2.  Effective dates. The date the invoice was prepared and the due date for payment.
  3.  Description. This will include the name of the product like food items produced, number of items, services rendered, etc.
  4.  Price and totals. The amount of money charged for each product and service
  5.  Payment Terms. 
  6.  Notes. 

Complete the job and deliver the catering invoice to the client for payment.

How to make a catering invoice infographic


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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?