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Envelope Glossary

Your true source for custom printed envelopes for mailing, distribution, filing, etc.

ARMORPAC: New packaging envelope that is durable, printable and addressable, use in place of bubble envelopes.

BANGTAIL ENVELOPE: As an open side style with the seams and two flaps: a large perforated, detachable flap approximately the size and shape of the envelope that is not used for sealing and a typical seal flap of the standard size used for mailing when the other flap is detached. Commonly used by financial institutions for bank-by-mail.

BANK ENVELOPE: Open end style with a single side seam left purposely unsealed. The seal flap is available in un-gummed or latex seal. Used by financial institutions for currency transfer. 

BARCODE: A series of vertical bars representing a mail piece's zip code, or electronically scan retail products and other materials. 

BARONIAL ENVELOPE: A style close to square in shape with diagonal seams and a large pointed seal flap. Common uses are greeting cards and social stationery. 

BOOKLET / OPEN SIDE ENVELOPE: A large open side style with side seams and the seal flap on the long side. Usually used for mailing booklets and multiple unfolded documents.

BUSINESS REPLY & RETURN: Refers to the printing on the outside, the difference being who pays for return postage. Both have the address pre-printed on the face. a business includes a preprinted First Class Permit indicia, while the return envelope requires the sender to affix postage. Both envelopes may be any style or size. Most common sizes are #6 1/4, #6 3/4, and #9 remittance.

CATALOG / OPEN END ENVELOPE: A large open end style with a center seam and seal flap on the short side. Normally used for mailing catalogs and multiple unfolded documents.

CENTER SEAM: The seam used to construct the envelope, running from the bottom fold to the throat.

COIN ENVELOPE: Small open end style, used for currency transfer and by some businesses to hold small parts. Very similar to the Bank Teller style, but with the side seam sealed and seal flap gummed.

COLLECTION / REMITTANCE ENVELOPE: An open side style with side seams and a large flap nearly the size of the envelope.

COMMERCIAL ENVELOPE: The most common and widely used style. Has an open aide, available in diagonal seam or side seam in most sizes, plus as regular or window in # 6 1/4, #6 3/4, #7, #7 1/4, #8 5/8, #9, #10, #11, #12, and #14.

CONVERT: This is when the envelope is printed flat first, then converted into the size and shape needed. Sometimes used when bleeds are necessary when printing textured/dimensional ink.

CORNER CARD: The printed name, address, etc. that appears in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

COURTESY REPLY: An envelope with a preprinted address on the face supplied without prepaid postage.

DIAGONAL SEAM: The permanent seam used to construct the envelope running diagonally from the bottom fold and corner to the throat. Also, has a diagonal seal flap that follows the shape of the throat. Also, has a diagonal seal flap that follows the shape of the throat. The only exception is a Wallet flap.

DIMENSIONAL PRINTING: Printed on a digital printing press in a four-color process and adds a clear ink over the image that raises the image. May also create the desired texture.

DUAL PURPOSE: An open side style with side seams and large flaps with spot seal perforation.

INDICIA: The box or printing in the upper right-hand corner, Commonly found on business reply and return envelopes stating that the postage is prepaid by Fist Class, Standard or Non-profit permit number, or the sender must affix postage.

INSIDE TINT: A continuous printed image on the inside of an envelope to make it appear opaque or less transparent.

LATEX SEAL: A self-sealing pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require moisture. Latex seal will only adhesive to itself and therefore, two latex surfaces are required to obtain a bond. Flaps come extended.

MONARCH ENVELOPE: Same size as #7 3/4 envelope but with a larger, sometimes pointed flap, used for formal personal correspondence.

OFFSET / LITHOGRAPHY PRINTING: Printed using 1, 2, 3 and 4 colors on one or two sides. Available in PMS colors or four-color process inks. Provides the highest quality reproduction image available with the tightest registration.

PEEL & SEAL: A self-adhering seal strip on the flap with a protective strip covering the adhesive. As the name implies, the protective seal in peeled away to expose the adhesive and close the envelope. No moisture is required.

PRESORT: Mail pieces grouped by zip code or other USPS recommended separation to bypass certain postal operations and save on postage costs.

QR CODE: Type of 20 barcodes that is used to provide access to information located on the Internet and is accessed using a bar code reader via smartphone camera.

REVEAL-N-SEAL ENVELOPE: An option side style with side seam and 2 small latex seal flaps, one in the standard position and the other folded down from the throat. As the name implies, the lower flap is flipped up to seal. Available as a 10 tint regular or 10 tint window. Commonly used in the medical professions.

REGULAR ENVELOPE: Any Commercial envelope without a window.

REGULAR GUM (Remoistenable): The most commonly used adhesive to seal an envelope - requires moisture. All envelopes have this type of adhesive unless noted.

SEAL FLAP: The extended portion of the envelope which is scored so it can be folded over the throat to seal the envelope.

SIDE SEAM: The permanent seam used to construct the envelope, running parallel to the side fold from the bottom fld and corner to the throat.

SQUARE FLAP: A rectangular style flap with square corners.

STANDARD SUBSTANCE WEIGHTS: Paper weight (in pounds) used in various types of envelopes

STRING & BUTTON: A mechanical closure with a string on the flap and a button on the envelope body.

THROAT: The opening into an envelope that is covered by the seal flap when the envelope is closed.

THUMB CUT: A cut on envelope manufactured without flaps.

TYVEK: Spunbonded olefinproduct by Dupont that's lightweight yet offers protection and durability.

WALLET FLAP: A regular style seal flap with rounded corners.

WELD SEAM: Envelopes created with die cutting so they can be inserted in a magazine.

WINDOW: A cut opening of any size that allows viewing of a portion of the inner contents. Certain styles of envelopes are stocked with a standard window (1 1/8" high x 4 1/2" wide and placed 1/8" from the left and 1/2" from the bottom). Covered by poly window film.
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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?


Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?