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We offer a variety of products for the service, hospitality and recreation markets. These include restaurants, hotels, zoos, theaters, lawn care, appliance repair, and thrill parks. Our printing includes business forms along with value-added documents such as pocket forms or integrated cards.

Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and resort locations, use us to print food service tickets, valet, parking tags with jumbo numbering and guest identification cards used while they visit a resort property. We offer business and label printing for cruise ship lines.

Our membership card and form printing are used by zoos, museums and water parks. That is because these type of businesses run membership campaigns that require annual membership renewals. DesignsnPrint.com can help you produce your next integrated or clean release cards with variable imaging. Keep us in mind the next time you want to print access point applications such as membership IDs and daily tickets with security print options.

The digital age has transformed the way we do business but business forms used on location such as electricians, pest control, and appliance repair are constructed as unit sets and are still relevant. Laser and continuous formats are still used with computer software. Our bar-coding and sequential numbering help you keep forms organized and smooth day to day operations. Have you ever thought about integrating a label onto business forms? You could place the label with repair dates and contact information directly on an appliance for example. The heavy tag stock paper is used for the last copy or part of a business form to provide support as a writing surface for in-field completions and signature. 2, 3, 4, or even 5 part copies for your customers, home or business owner. Keep a copy for your company accounting records. Consider us for ticket applications that must be imaged in the field, such as propane delivery, double-faced carbon can be combined with translucent material to provide proper imaging.

Our service, hospitality, and recreation forms are compatible with:

  • Hang Tag Die Cutting
  • Pocket Forms
  • Transfer Tape
  • Security Printing
  • Security Paper
  • Clean Release Cards
  • Micr Numbering
  • Jumbo Numbering
  • B Color Printing
  • Ticket Security Printing
  • Integrated Cards


  • Valet Tickets – Used for valet parking, with hole-punch, barcode, location, perforated stubs with large numbers, etc. Parking policy is printed on the back along with a generic vehicle image to indicate any damages. Great for hotels, casinos, events, restaurants etc.
  • Rental Forms
  • Restaurant Guest Checks – Take orders at a restaurant or café and know the section, server, table, persons, amount, and date. Each form is numbered, carbonless and perforated.
  • Membership Cards
  • Daily Passes
  • Widow Decals - Decal forms printed with an integrated sticker or label. The form gives instructions on expired dates, warnings, placement, and how to apply decals to a dry surface at a certain temperature. These are great for boat licenses, fishing, government parks and state boards. A card that shows completion of education or course can also be integrated into a form.
  • Repair Requests – Forms that show recommended service, service history, job description, technician, vehicle ID No., year/make/model, damage report with image, estimate of repairs printed on the back, and a service reminder sticker or label can be integrated on each form.
  • Service Date labels
  • Gift Certificates
  • Parking Tags
  • Guest ID Cards – Hotel and beach resorts guest registration forms can be printed with card integrated on them. Print on both form and card at the same time. The bottom section can be perforated and the ID card being removable.
  • Coupons
  • Checks
  • Event Tickets
  • Vouchers – Thank your customers for choosing your casino or hotel with a voucher that shows a good gesture or commitment to their satisfaction. The voucher will have sections to write the name, card number, service or product is given, courtesy of, date, time, location etc. On the back you can indicate if it was given due to a long wait, machine or equipment malfunction, employee error, food or drink issue, hotel room issue, facility or the environment, an employee not friendly or helpful etc.

Pinfeed cards printed on continuous card stock paper can help you remind members of expiration dates.

Hotels can use letterheads with a removable integrated card, all printed at the same time.

Hotels and casinos buy slips give you options to write the date, time, shift, window, bank, currency exchanged for or to, chips, tokens, casino cashier, cage shift supervisor, main bank etc. Forms are carbonless.

Form and label designs can be used to provide emergency service information or next date of service labels.

Integrated cards may be used for guest identification at resorts, theme parks, and other destination venues.

Integrated label formats may be included in direct mail campaigns to provide parking permits or other window decals.

Counterfeit deterrent solutions may be incorporated into ID and permit applications to reduce forgery attacks and provide a means of authentication.