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4 Proven Methods To Promote Your Plumbing Business

Blog / 4 Proven Methods To Promote Your Plumbing Business

Plumbing is probably one of the most recession-proof businesses in the world. No matter what the economy is doing, people will always need plumbing work done. Whether they’re remodeling their master bathroom or they just have a sink clog that they can’t seem to fix, your customers need you. Unfortunately, though, if they don’t know about your plumbing business, then they won’t know who to call when they have a big plumbing job or an emergency that needs a professional’s touch ASAP.

That’s why every plumbing company owner needs to know the best-proven ways to promote their business, get more new customers, and keep repeat customers coming back for more.

Invest in Branding

First of all, how are your customers going to recognize your business when they see you, your employees, and/or your advertising and marketing materials? If you haven’t already, your first move should be to invest in a bit of branding. Get a graphic designer to come up with an attractive and memorable logo that’s easily recognizable and looks good in small and large formats (e.g., on business cards or on billboards). Then choose two to three brand colors that work well together and show up in your logo. Use your logo and brand colors everywhere you promote your plumbing business – from plumbing door hangers that you print and distribute in the areas you serve to your company’s social media presence.

Plumbing Work Invoice Forms

Attractive Printed Media

Speaking of plumbing door hangers, direct marketing like this is proven to work very well, but you need to make sure that you use attractive printed media when you do it. Make sure that you choose a quality service to print all of your promotional and work materials, including those door hangers. Your plumbing work order invoice should also be attractive and legible. This way your customers will associate your brand with professionalism, and they’ll be able to recommend you to their friends and neighbors, as well.

Get on Social Media

We mentioned social media briefly earlier, but we really can’t overstate how important online marketing is to your business today. Getting active on social media gives you the opportunity to show off your work with pictures and videos of jobs you’ve done. It lets you answer questions that your current and potential customers have for you. And it shows new customers that you have an active online presence and that you care about customer service and the customer experience.

Have Your Employees Wear Branded Uniforms

Finally, just like plumbing door hangers that you leave on people’s front doors, you can’t go wrong with the quality, branded uniforms for your employees. This will build trust with your customers, as they’ll know that the plumbers entering their homes are professionals. Plus, it helps with even more branding, just like your branded plumbing work order invoice, your plumbing door hangers, and your online branding.

The more you get your brand out there in the world and online, the more people will recognize your name and logo, and the more they’ll think of your business when they need plumbing work done.


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Do You want
design or printing?

Hi there! I'm Michael Reid, and I specialize in design and printing. Would you like me to help you with an upcoming project?