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Item#: 2509SW

  • Size: 4 3/16 x 7
  • Parts: 2-Part Carbonless
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $149.80


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Personalized Business Receipt Book

Our business receipt book makes it easy for you to record sales or give a receipt for services rendered. We use standard ink colors like black, blue, and green. Forms are printed on 20lb carbonless paper. There are other options for folding, numbering, perforations, etc. Our standard production time is 3 to 5 days. Select from one of our pre-designed business receipt book templates. Contact us for other options for custom printing. Phone 1-800-492-1218.

The four main purposes for a business to use receipt books are:

  1. Proof of payment -  A copy is given to the purchaser to show proof that the payment was made.
  2. Recordkeeping & accounting - Both the seller and buyer have a similar copy showing details of the transaction including the amount of money paid.
  3. Promotional - The receipt is personalized and printed with the seller's logo, business name, and address. This helps to promote and build the brand name.
  4. Professionalism - It shows that you are a professional and serious about business when you issue a receipt to a customer or client.


  • Personalized, Custom Printed
  • The carbonless paper creates clean carbon copies with duplicates or triplicates.
  • Imprinted or blank
  • Perforated so that each receipt can easily be torn out of the book.
  • Numbering - consecutive numbers
  • Ink color options: black, green PMS 347, blue PMS 300, & red PMS 185
  • Same day and next day printing if you order before 12 noon. This is at an additional cost.
  • You have the option to customize this receipt book with your own unique design at an additional price. Customization includes full-color printing with your logo, sizes, perforations, printing on both front and back 


Ink colors: 
Standard colors Process: blue, reflex blue, blue PMS (285, 287, 300), brown PMS (168, 463, 469, 470) Burgundy PMS 201, Gray PMS 424, Green PMS (346, 347, 348, 354, 356), Orange PMS (151, 165), Red PMS (185, 199, 200), warm red, teal PMS 320, & pantone purple.
None Standard Colors
Full-Color Process CMY (four colors)
Carbonless Paper: We use 20 lb NCR Superior carbonless paper. One of the highest quality NCR papers on the market.

Print can be done on both the front and back of each sheet. If it is a book format, we can print it on the cover also.

Bindery Option:
Folding: We can fold each sheet to your specification
Numbering: Up to 6-digit numbers are available with a minimum of 4. No prefix or suffix is available as part of numbering. Prefix/suffix must be part of camera-ready artwork. The minimum size of the form to be numbered is 4.25 x 5.5". Smaller business forms can be numbered but additional handling might apply. Call for a price quote.
Perfing & Scoring: Forms can be perforated and scored to your specifications

Please provide electronic artwork for the best results. We will scan any black and white art or clean samples. We're unable to use your negatives.
A PDF or eps with fonts changed to outlines tends to work well. On 2 or more spot colors work, leave the color elements in place as spot colors in a single file.
On process colorwork, please check that all elements of the art are in CMYK mode. We're able to work with most electronic art that we receive but we'll
notify you if we can't usually within 24 hours.
We require a 3/16 white border (gripper) around the entire image area.
Maximum sheet size 25.5" x 17". Call for a price quote.

Up to 4 spot colors, process color, numbering, blind embossing, foil stamping, true copper die engraving, thermography (raised printing), padding, booklet making, perforating, and folding services too.


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