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Account Statements

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Account Statements

Custom Printed/Personalized Account Statement or Statement of Account

The account statement or statement of accounts is a document issued to a purchaser showing a summary of their account activities with a seller or vendor. It is made at the end of a specific period like the end of a month showing invoice balances, charges, and credits. There is normally an agreement where the seller extends credit to the buyer for payment at a future date. The account statement will therefore show the business transactions between the two with a zero balance or total amount owing for the period.

The Business Account Statement Formats

Carbonless/Carbon Copy Manual Forms - There are pre-printed forms with multiple parts, single sheets, duplicate (2 parts), triplicate (3 parts), and quintuplicate (5 parts). You have to manually write the information in the relevant sections to complete the form.

Continuous Feed Format - These statements are also pre-printed with multiple parts. You can print on a dot matrix printer that accommodates the continuous form with the tracks or holes at the side. They are used along with your accounting software, computer, and printer. You would input the information on a computer and print it out onto the accounting statement form.

Laser and Inkjet Compatible - Print these statements using a laser or inkjet printer. For statements with multiple parts, you have to print each sheet separately. These forms also work with your computer and software like QuickBooks.

Compatible accounting software includes QuickBooks, Form Magic 2.0, Form Magic Deluxe Version 2.0, Realworld, Peachtree Versions Prior to 2006, SBT, Peachtree by Sage, Champion Software, Accpac Pro Series, Clip, Jonas Accounting, One-Write Plus, Open Systems (OSAS), Accpac BPI Accounting, and CYMA IV

The accounting statements presented here are usually written up/printed and mailed to a customer or client. You can also order matching envelopes. They are different from an invoice in that it is not a bill requesting payment but a summary of the accounts between the buyer and seller.

Product Features:

Our customization & printing options include:

  1. Printing in black, PMS colors, or full-color ink
  2. Personalization of pre-printed templates by printing your logo, company name, and contact information
  3. Uploading or ordering a custom format with your own design. This option normally requires you to request a price quote first
  4. Consecutive numbering
  5. Printing on carbonless paper or with carbon, one side or both sides of the paper
  6. Bonding as individual forms, on a pad, or booklet format
  7. Enquire about the same day printing option: You must place your order before 12:30 pm eastern time. A price quote is required.