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Confidential Sign-in Logs

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Confidential Sign-in Logs

PSL-20 and CSL-20 are two stock confidential patient sign-in logs to satisfy HIPAA confidentiality requirements. 

How the Confidential Patient Sign-In Log Works:

  • Shingled tickets can be filled out by the patient and detached from the set.
  • The patient retains the stub and gives the ticket to the receptionist
  • As the registration progresses, names and patient information cannot be viewed due to a security screen on the first of the two-part log sheets.

How the General Confidential sign-In log Works:

2-Part carbon interleave snap set
Part 1 is label material - each is a  die-cut strip so that it can be removed and placed in the patient's chart.
As the registration progresses, names and patient information cannot be viewed due to the top and bottom stubs and the interleaved carbon sheet.

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