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Foil Stamped Presentation Folders

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Foil Stamped Presentation Folders

Custom Foil Stamped Presentation Folders

Foil stamped with your unique design, logo, and or company. One standard foil color on the front cover, one area up to 15 sq inches. Enhance your brand awareness with a premium quality presentation folder that is foil-stamped in gold, silver, brass, or other colors of your choice. They are used by businesses and professionals such as lawyers, doctors, banks/financial services, corporations, trade shows, real estate firms, etc.

Foil stamping and embossing add a luxurious touch to your presentation folders, making them more eye-catching to a target audience.

Foil Stamp Artwork Guidelines: We can provide a PDF template for you to prepare the artwork according to the right specification. It is best to have the artwork on a separate layer and in a PMS spot color. Type should be greater than 8pt.

Paper Stock: The prices above reflect the following standard paper stocks Semi-Gloss 12 PT C1S, Semi-Gloss 14 PT C1S, Smooth White 80 LB, and Marble Crush White 12 PT C1S.

Foil stamping looks great on other paper stock options that we provide:

  • COATED PAPER - Semi-Gloss 12 PT C2S, 14 PT C2S, 16 PT C1S, 16 PT C2S, 18 PT C1S, Gloss 120 lb. C2S, Dull 130 lb. C2S
  • TAG PAPER STOCK - 150 Tag (white and Manila)
  • INDEX - 140 lb. Index (canary and blue)
  • LINEN - 100 lb. linen (white, natural, sterling gray, burgundy, merlot, dark blue, deep black, deep pine, mahogany, eggplant)
  • DUPLEX LINEN 120 lb. Duplex linen (blue and white)
  • FIBER - 80 lb Fiber (white, natural, cream, gray, ice blue, thyme, periwinkle)
  • FELT 80 lb Felt (bright white, warm white, pumice, forest green, new black, granite)
  • VELLUM 80 lb. Vellum (vanilla, jute, yellow)
  • HOPSACK 90 lb. Hopsack (white, forest green, red, deep blue)
  • ECO KRAFT 18pt