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Custom Repair Tags | Personalized, Printed

Elevate your brand and enhance customer communication with personalized repair tags. Showcase your logo, contact information, and choose colors that reflect your business. Provide convenient claim checks while ensuring every item is accurately tracked for a seamless repair experience.

Our repair and inspection tags streamline your repair shop workflow. Easily track items under repair with clear labeling, sequential numbering, and convenient customer claim checks."

Tag Options:

  • Integrated invoice and detachable claim check (select tags)
  • Durable carbonless copies
  • Designed and printed for vehicles, equipment, appliances, and more.



  • Your logo and business information for strong brand identity
  • Wide range of colors, materials, corner styles, and reinforcements.
  • Consecutive numbering, strings/wires, and more


These brightly colored repair tags ensure quick identification and efficient workflow.

Attachments available: 

Loose Strings, Elastic, Wires, Copper Parcel Hooks, 17 Gauge Deadlocks, Cable Ties, Security Attachments, and TACH-IT Identification System.

Upgrade your repair management – order your custom repair and inspection tags today. Contact us at 1-800-492-1218 or order online at DesignsnPrint.