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T-shirt Plastic Bags

T-shirt Plastic Bags

Color Blank T-shirt Bags

Color Blank T-Shirt Plastic Bags

High Density T-shirt Bags

High Density T-Shirt Bags with Patterns

Custom Printed T-shirt Bags

Custom Printed T-Shirt Bags

Plastic T-Shirt Bags

Our T-shirt plastic bags are recyclable and have up to 20% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. You can buy bags that are plain/unprinted, pre-printed with a message like "Thank you for your business", high-density with patterns like paw prints, and custom printed with your logo or design. We offer regular, medium, and extra-large sizes (18 x 9 x 32"). We can provide the right T-shirt bag for your business needs. If you are a merchant or retailer, you can rest assured that our selection is well diverse and we offer many colors. They can be used for thank you groceries, clothes or apparel sales, carryout bags for foods and other products, and convenience store plastic bags.