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Take Out Bags & Boxes

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Take Out Bags & Boxes

We offer a wide range of takeout packing for Gourmet food, event, and specialty packaging. These are both paper bags and boxes made according to regulation to be in contact with food items. Add your company logo for personalization and to build a strong brand name. 

Take-Out Bags with or without Handles

Paper bags are great for take-out orders and they are made with handles for easy carrying of food items like groceries or merchandise from a retail store. Our most popular bags are made from kraft paper and are recyclable. Use paper bags for a cleaner environment and greener earth. Handles can be die cut, flat, or rope twisted to ensure durability. Small bags without handles are ideal for bottled items like wines and whiskey. Hot stamping adds life and personality to your business. Make every paper bag an advertising product by adding your logo. If you own a restaurant or establishment that sells food, a plastic bag might be more convenient. 

Food Boxes, Containers, & Cup Carriers

You can order paper lunch boxes in a variety of sizes, 15 to 200 per case. They meet FDA requirements for direct food contact.