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Colored Kraft Paper Bags With Handles - Brown Kraft, White & Colors

Colored Paper Shopping Bags - Kraft

We offer a wide variety of colored kraft shopping bags personalized with your logo or custom text. Build a lasting brand with custom printed paper bags that leave a lasting impression. order online now and save! Our broad selection makes it easy to shop for different seasons and occasions. With so many colors to choose from you can rest assured that your customers will appreciate the added value to the shopping experience. These bags are made with kraft inside and color on the outside. Select color that is compatible with your brand or message. Some bags have a metallic sheen for s shiny appearance.

Why Merchants Use Colored Kraft Shopping bags.

Colored paper bags can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices and therefore cost-effective and economical t your business. They add a sense of appeal and excitement to the shopping experience, hence capturing the shopper's attention and retention. You can build a stronger brand by consistent using paper bags with colors that relate to your business. It may also be necessary for color coding when selling or sorting certain products. All bags have brown paper twisted handles that are sturdy and strong. You can easily add your logo and customize by hot stamping.