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Eco Friendly Mailing Envelopes - Self Seal, Custom Printed, Kraft Or White Packaging

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Eco Friendly Mailing Envelopes - Self Seal, Custom Printed, Kraft Or White Packaging

Custom Printed Eco-Friendly Mailing Envelope Packaging For Shipping Products & Documents

Custom Eco-Friendly Mailing Envelopes are ideal for shipping books, electronics, clothing, and items shipped by online retailers. It is strong, self-sealing, and ships items flat keeping them secure during the shipping process. They are kraft brown or white paper mailers, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Unlike the poly bags that are flexible, these envelopes ships your items flat keeping them securely in place. We have many sizes that allow you to ship a wide variety of items.

Personalize each envelope by custom printing your logo, business name, or design to build a strong brand name. We have over 20 standard ink color options to chose from. You may also order blank mailers and apply your own printed labels.


  • Lightweight - This packaging is made from 126# 100% recycled linerboard that makes it lightweight and ideal for shipping or as a packing envelope or bag.
  • Recyclable - Eco-friendly material that is biodegradable and good for the environment
  • Natural Kraft or White Paper - Paper material that is natural and good for the environment
  • Custom Printed - Personalized and printed to promote and build your company brand
  • Secure - Strong, hard to puncture or tear
  • Flat - This envelope is ideal for mailing items that must remain flat and not bendable during shipping.