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Christmas Paper Shopping Bags

Christmas Holiday Paper Shopping Bags with Handles

We offer an exclusive line of paper shopping bags for the Christmas season. The is a time of year when shoppers are in a festive mood to buy gifts and celebrate. These paper bags are specially designed with patterns relating to the holiday season. You can add to the shopping experience by packaging your products with bags that are designed and crafted for the Christmas holidays. We believe merchandise and retail stores can separate themselves from the competition by offering high-quality kraft paper bags with handles.

Types of Christmas Holiday Paper Bags

Paper bags for the Christmas holiday season are made with stylish patterns, colors, sizes and shapes. The true value can be seen with the patters on the inside and the outside of the bag, white or brown kraft paper, the twisted handles, and the coordinated tissue paper to match. To select the right bag, you may consider:

The Size

  • Small Bags; These are generally (5 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 8 1/4"). These are small compact bags that are ideal to hold or package certain items like jewelry.
  • Medium Bags; (8 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 10 1/2"). These are popular because that can hold larger or multiple items or products.
  • Large or Extra-Large Bags; (16 x 6 x 12 1/2". This bag can package your largest items, very big and bold for attracting attention.

Patterns and Design
We believe in designing and printing paper bags for the Christmas season that adds true value to your business or organization. There are certain patterns that say merry Christmas in a special way that grabs attention. Some of these patterns are snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa clause, reindeer, dots, leaves, flowers, etc.

The color bag you choose will be dependent on your preference in terms of the message you are trying to send and what is aligned with your brand.  The standard colors of the bags are usually white or brown kraft. Our bag designs incorporate Christmas holiday colors like red and white, grey, blue, &  to capture the essence of the season. Keep in mind that you can add a logo in color of your choice.

Order a Christmas holiday paper bag that reflects a time of year when shoppers are excited and in a happy mood. These bags can be used as gift bags, retail shoppers bag, merchandise bags, boutique bags, or in an organization at events or special occasions. Personalize with your logo and build a stronger brand.