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Electrical T Shirts

Electrical T Shirts

Our custom printed electrical t-shirts are made with high-quality material and ink applications that last a long time. This is an extremely effective way for electricians to promote their business on a daily basis. Apply your logo, message, and contact information to the front or back of the shirt to attract attention and build your brand name.

The electric company can have all their workmen wearing similar shirts to show professionalism and consistency. Wear them as a uniform every time you are on the job.

We offer a wide variety of techniques for you to customize t-shirts. The options are:

  • Screen printing
  • Direct to Garment printing
  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation
  • Cut and Sew

With these techniques, you can print a number of ink colors on different style t-shirts.  Short and ¾ sleeves are great for spring and summer time. Long sleeves and hoodies for winter.