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Tow Truck Towing T Shirts

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Tow Truck Towing T Shirts

A custom printed T-shirt is an effective way for tow truck drivers to promote their business. It gives you a professional look while you are out there on the road rowing vehicles. If you have a team of drivers, all wearing shirts branded with your company logo, it shows consistency and a high level of professionalism. Tow truck companies generally choose solid or bright colors like green, blue, yellow, red, black, and orange. You should select one that is related to your business or best to portray a message.

We offer brands that make t-shirts that are sturdy to stand up to the rigors of the daily job of a tow truck driver. A 100%  Otto shirt that is screen printed can last a long time after it is worn and washed repeatedly.

Which Printing Technique Should You Choose

Screen printing is very popular because it is a tried and tested method of printing T-shirts that give a satisfying result.  It is more permanent than the other methods and it looks great. It is more cost effective to choose this method if you are doing large quantities. You can stick use t for a small quantity depending on what's more important to you. Quantity, appearance, cost, etc.

You will have more flexibility with direct to garment printing since there is no limit to the number of colors that you can print. It is relatively cheap and printing can be done very fast, in a day or two.

Popular T-Shirt Brands:

  • Guldan (Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton)
  • American Apparel
  • Anvil
  • Bella + Canvas
  • Next Level

We print a full line of apparel that tow truck drivers can wear as a uniform. They include caps, hoodies, long sleeve, sweatshirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts, all over shirts, etc.