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Blank Tags

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Blank Tags

Blank Tags are made from Manila, colored card stock, or florescent CSU. Blank tags open the possibilities to create different types of tags that are related to your business or a specific need that you may have. We have them in stocks of 1000 per case, ready to be shipped out quickly. They are all reinforced with eyelet hole for attaching a string or wire. These are one part or single tags that you can custom print your information on. 
• 13 pt. CSU Colors 4
• 13 pt. CSU Fluorescent 5
• 15 pt. oversize 5
• 10 & 13 pt. manila 6
• Tyvek® 7
• Vinyl 7
• Cloth

High-quality tags perfect for many different marking uses. 10 pt. SU, 13 pt. SU and CSU grades available in a variety of standard sizes. Colored and fluorescent tags are available in 13 pt. CSU. Ideal for color coding and easy identification. Many tags are stocked with strings or wires attached. Select from the different paper thickness and eight different sizes.