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Payroll-general Disbursement Top Check

Size: 9" x 4.25"
Min/QTY: 300
Price: $171.69

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    Item#: 150NCT 
    Size: 4 1/4 X 9 1/8

    Product Features

    One-Write Manual Check - Payroll-General Disbursement Top Check

    This type of check is generally used by small businesses that have one or two employees. It can also be used in the following ways

    1.  For interim payments before are after the main payroll has been processed
    2.  To make a final payment when some resign or is being fired
    3.  To make a correction to a paycheck for underpayment
    4.  For a missed payment

    We print your company name, address, and the information of the financial institution on the check. It is a one-write secure manual check that can be used for payroll or to pay bills. A manual check means that you have to physically use a pen and write the information onto the check. You have to write in the date, to the order of, the description, amount, and sign the signature line. at the top, you can write the payee's record of earnings or payments, pay records from, to, rate, and SS number.

    It has a carbonless strip that automatically copies everything to the register as you write checks.

    • Compatible with 150NJ, 151NJ and 152NJ Journals
    • Compatible with 150NL Ledger
    • Compatible with 9005D Folding Bookkeeper w/Locking Bar
    • Top one write check with options for up to 9 deduction headings.
    • Available in one part only.
    • Compatible with AV2NE Envelope

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