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High Security Starter Kit, Laser Checks, Quickbook

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Min/QTY: 1
Price: $133.00

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Benefits And Features

Save time and money with this convenient High Security starter set. It features all the products you need to use with High Security Quickbooks compatible Laser Checks.
Trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide, High Security Checks are the most secure checks available.

  • Everything you need in one kit: Includes 250 Quickbook Compatible Laser High Security Top Checks, 150 Manual Deposit Tickets or 250 Laser Deposit Tickets, 200 Envelopes and Endorsement Stamp.
  • Void pantograph with verification grid: The word "VOID" appears and the verification grid disappears when check is photocopied.
  • False positive test area: Detection circle on checks visible under ultraviolet light; area turns black and gold when tested with a counterfeit detector pen (SP1000).
  • Anti-copy technology: High Security Checks are made with technology that prevents most copiers from creating a usable copy.
  • Safety hologram: Multi-dimensional foil seal hot stamped to check stock cannot be photocopied and includes 7 security features.
  • Visible check security features: Heat-sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, chemical-wash detection area and true watermark.
  • Built-in check security: Chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box.

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