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Item#: 461

  • Size: 7.375 x 11"
  • Min/QTY: 100
  • Price: $179.20


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This is a manual format accounts receivable ledger pre-printed on card stock paper. It is compatible with the #411-1 Accounts Receivable System. Upgrade your manual accounting paperwork with these ledgers. Simplify your bookkeeping and improve your cash flow with these Accounts Receivable Ledgers.

Product Details:

Item#: 461
Size: 7 3/8 x 11"
Format: Manual ledger
Printing: Pre-printed with line entries. It also has sections for account number, card number, credit limit, date, description, charges, credit, balance, and previous balance.
In Stock: Yes
Product Type: Accounting receivable ledger, manual paper stock
Customization: This product is a stock item. It's printed on both sides.
Quantity: Minimum quantity is 100
Hole Punch: No
Card Stock: Yes. It is made of sturdy card stock.
Color: Brown
Ink Color: Brown
Material Type: Paper

Shipping: 3 business days

Item#: 461


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