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They are great for 

  • Packaging
  • Promotions
  • Product labels
  • Special events
  • Mailing labels
  • Special instructions

and much more.

Express Labels are available in our most popular shapes and sizes, including circles, ovals, squares and rectangles and feature a special 3 day turnaround time! Please call if you have any questions or are ready to order your next label product.

Multiple Ink Colors
Express Labels can only be printed in one or two colors from the list below. Black, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, 165 Orange, 185 Red or 347 Green.

Our Materials
Our Express Label line can be printed on White Gloss, White Matte Litho, Yellow Gloss, Fluorescents, Matte Foils or EDP. Fluorescents and foils are different prices and EDP is for pin-fed only. Pin-fed labels can only be printed on EDP, no other stock.

Express Label Rules
There are certain rules that apply to our Express Label Line that help us keep pricing low and delivery fast. If your label requirements do not meet the rules, pricing and turnaround time will be affected. Please call for details.

• 10,000 maximum quantity
• 5 lots (combo) maximum, no stock changes, only copy and/or ink changes
• No split shipments; must be separate orders
• 3-day lead time on standard
• Add 1 day for PMS match, proof, combos up to 3 lots
• Add 2 days for 4-5 lot combos
• Absolutely no graduated screens
• Add 1 day for screens not submitted digitally (65 & 85 line only)
• No fluorescent (800 series), pastel (9000 series) or 7400 series inks

Our Express Label Line was created to provide a basic level of label capabilities at the quickest manufacturing time possible. The materials, inks and other options are limited, but there are some extra features we can provide. Please read the list of available upcharges that can be added to your Express Label Product.

Express Upcharges
• Limited PMS ink match $42 (V) flat each
• 877 silver or 873 gold ink (metallic) $60 (V) flat each
• Metallic ink other than above $120 (V) flat each
• Copy or ink change (no stock changes) $18 (V) flat each
• UPC codes $18 (V) flat each
• Special roll quantity (other than 500 or 1,000 labels) $.60 (V) per roll
• Dispenser boxes $1.20 (V) each
• Rush charge on standard (no combo or PMS) $24 (V) for 2 days
• Rush charge for combo or PMS $30 (V) for 2 days
• Rush charge on standard (no combo or PMS) $36 (V) for 1 day
• Rush charge for combo or PMS $42 (V) for 1 day
• Screens not submitted digitally $30 (V) flat each
• Second proof charge $12 (V) flat


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