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Product markings such as model and serial numbers

  • Asset tags and labels
  • Inventory management
  • Carton labels

and more. 

In addition to label applications, Variable Imaged Products are also commonly used for 

  • Door hangers
  • Hotel parking tickets
  • Bag tags
  • Produce identifications
  • Tracking tags
  • Sporting event and concert tickets.

Forget past limitations such as fixed-size numbering heads, multiple numbers reset up-charges, and orientation and spacing exclusions. Our heavy investment in ION Deposition variable imaging equipment allows us to print various character sizes from 1⁄8” to several inches. 

This printing method is very similar to the electrostatic printing process used in photocopiers and can be used on almost any material that can be printed in your standard copier. To enhance the well-known durability of toner imaging we routinely apply a protective varnish coating to our variable imaging to assure a very high level of durability. 

While most often used for conventional numbering, we have printed products with all alpha sequential series identification, bar codes and unique bitmap applications. Call to explore your label needs with our highly talented variable imaging team.

Multiple Ink Colors
ION imaging is available only in black ink.

Choice of Formats
ION imaging can be applied to roll, sheet or fan-folded products.

Our Materials
As indicated earlier, our ION deposition equipment can image any material that can be imaged in a conventional copier. In addition to these materials, we have proven success in printing on a wide range of special application materials such as the unbelievably durable Valeron®, many types of vinyl and several other unique application substrates.


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