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Used for 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratory and medical forms
  • Shipping and transportation labels
  • Inventory-tracking forms
  • Invoices and tax form labels

The growing market demand for Integrated Labels and Form/Label Combinations can be attributed to the many benefits they provide, including streamlined processing, greater handling efficiencies, long-term cost savings and more. Form Label Products are ideal for any job that requires detailed processing, record keeping or additional follow-up.

Multiple Ink Colors
Print up to 6 colors and custom die-cut patterns to create multiple labels in unique shapes and sizes for specific applications. 

Choice of Formats
We specialize in the printing of both Integrated Labels and Form/Label Combinations on continuous, unit set and cut sheet forms. We also offer enhanced technology such as bar coding, numbering, self-imaging liners, printed liners and varnish overprinting on forms up to 4 colors. 

Our Materials
We offer a variety of paper substrates in weights from 24# bond to 125# tag and a wide selection of adhesives for specialty applications that require stronger initial tack properties.


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