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Tamper-Evident Decals
Our Tamper-Evident Decals help prevent product tampering and theft. This item eliminates the ability to move the decal from one location to another. Once tampering has begun, the decal will tear into several pieces or leave a “void” pattern in the leftover material.

Our Materials
Tamper-Evident Decals are available in variable chrome and destructible White or Transparent Vinyl. These decals are not furnished with a split backing due to material characteristics.

Other Information
These decals should “cure” for a minimum of 72 hours to be effective. Curing time is dependent on temperature and the type of surface the decal is being applied to.

Domed Decals
These decals are specially coated with a polyurethane dome that protects your label and creates an eye-catching, three-dimensional look. Domed Decals are weather resistant and are perfect for electronics, computers, tools and many other applications. Call today to learn about our variety of shapes and sizes.

Office equipment, heavy machinery, keyless remotes and more.

Multiple Ink Colors
Our Domed Decals are available in a variety of colors; call for specific details.

Our Materials
Domed Decals are supplied with a permanent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Available in White, Chrome, Gold and Brushed Chrome materials; please specify when ordering.


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