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Looking to make a simple label extraordinary? The look of foil adds a touch of class to packages, gift certificates and countless other applications for your business.

Multiple Ink & Foil Colors
We offer a variety of highlight foil colors including Blue, Copper, Gold, Green, Light Gold, Red, Silver and Violet. Only one foil color per label. For Cold Foil Process labels, select up to 5 standard ink colors, for Regular Foil Labels, up to 8. 

Choice of Formats
Choose from our 12 different styles and sizes for the label that best fits your business. We can also design a custom shape if you don’t see what you need. 

Our Materials
We offer a cold foil process that provides virtually the same quality and attractive look as hot stamping at a more cost-effective price. Another available alternative is regular printing on a foil stock. Our stock choices include Matte and Gloss paper in white, silver or gold


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