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Item#: 279 

  • Size: 10" x 12"
  • Min/QTY: 50
  • Price: $125.44


Product Cost:

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The Job Envelope or Folder Features:

  • The Job Name
  • The Job Location
  • Bill To Information
  • The date the job started and date completed
  • A large lined area to describe the details of the job
  • A summary of the costs including total material, total labor, insurance, sales tax, total job cost, gross profit and net profit.

Keep track of all your jobs with these handy Job Envelopes! It can be used by automotive shops, technicians, servicemen, professionals, contractors, and others. 

  • Stay organized. Secure customer papers in generous manila-grade envelopes. Use preprinted headings on the front to record project details and costs. Opens at the top.

Size: 10 x 12"
Pricing includes 50 envelopes or folders preprinted


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