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Description - Cohesive Luggage TAGS:

  • Cohesive Bag Tag
  • Item#: P18952
  • White Stock
  • 9 pt. cohesive stock
  • Printed in Blue ink
  • Red numbering sequence is 000 to 999
  • Size: 1 1⁄2” x 11”
  • Quantity: 1000 per box (5 boxes per carton)
  • Do you want this tag custom printed? Request a custom printing quote.
  • Size: 1.5" x 11"
  • Min/QTY: 1000
  • Price: $117.60


Product Cost:

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Self-Adhesive Cohesive Bag Tag

This luggage ID tag has cohesive material that allows you to easily attach it to suitcases, bags, or other luggage. It is also numbered, perforated, and has a claim guest check tag with terms and conditions. You can write in the person's name, room number, checked by, pieces, dates of check-in, and check-out. It is white with blue ink for clear labeling of luggage. This product is ideal for hotels, baggage claim departments, airports, etc. It facilitates the storage, tracking, and identification of luggage.

Our Cohesive Bag Tag offers:

  • Accurate luggage identification with high visibility
  • Real-time protection against theft and bag loss
  • Effective bag management control

Self-Adhesive Cohesive Bag Tag: Firm grip and great visibility

With a self-adhesive capability that ensures it wraps around the luggage handle and sticks to it, this tag has what it takes to effectively manage the massive influx of bags without taking too much space itself. It can be cleverly fitted into any corner and perfectly complement that space, giving off an elegant, pristine look that will make it a favorite anywhere storage management is required.

Cohesive Bag Tag: User-friendly and durable

Have a go at it and there you have it! It can be attached on the go as it makes for a Stick with it! For speedy bag tagging by its ability to wrap around the luggage handle and stick to it very quickly while standing up to be easily spotted amidst several other bags. They come with strong edges that prevent tears and help hold the tag in a firm position. 


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