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Product# Item 08-58

  • Size: 9 x 12
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $807.80


Product Cost:

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Custom Printed Presentation Folder with Two Vertical Pockets

Make a lasting impression with our personalized presentation folders! Perfect for professionals such as real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants, and any business that needs to showcase important documents in a professional manner.

Our presentation folders are custom printed on your choice of basic or premium paper stocks, ensuring a high-quality finish that reflects your brand's values. Each folder comes with two vertical pockets, providing ample space to store your documents securely.

At DesignsnPrint, we understand that design is crucial to your presentation's success. That's why we offer a free template download to ensure that your artwork adheres to the correct printing specifications. If you need help designing your presentation folder, we also offer free graphic design services to create a folder that perfectly reflects your brand's identity.

Our presentation folders are versatile and perfect for a range of uses, including marketing, product launches, product demonstrations, networking events, and any other place where you need to present paperwork in a professional manner.

Ordering from us is simple and convenient. You can easily place an order on our website or request a price quote. We offer to ship to the USA and Canada, ensuring that your presentation folders reach you no matter where you are located.

Invest in the best presentation for your business and let our custom-printed presentation folders with two vertical pockets do the talking. Order yours today!

Base Stocks      
12 PT C1S
14 PT C1S
Smooth White
80 lb.

Marble Crush White
10 PT C1S

Gloss Text
80 lb C2S
Matte Text
80 Lb
Semi-Gloss         Gloss Dull Cast
12 PT C2S 14 PT C1S 14 PT C2S 16 PT C1S 16 PT C2S 18 PT C1S 120lb C2S 130lb C2S 12 PT  C1S
80 lb. Fiber             Eco Kraft
White Natural Cream Gray Rose Ice Blue Thyme Periwinkle 18 PT
80 lb. Felt          
Bright White Warm White Sandstone Pumice Forst Green New Black Granite
90 lb Hopsack          
White  Forest Green Red Deep Blue      
100 lb. Linen              
White  Natural Sterling Gray Burgundy Merlot Dark Blue Deep Black Deep Pine Mahogany
100 lb. Smooth 80 lb. Smooth 80 lb. Vellum
White Egg White Eco Ivory Vanilla Yellow Jute Leaf Green
100 lb. Vellum 80 lb. Tweed 90 lb. Cordwain
Aquamarine Royal Blue White Cordwain Deep Blue
80 lb. Grandee 12 PT C1S MarbleCoat 14 PT C1S ColorCoat
Smoke Gray Charcoal Blazer Blue Ash Burgundy Black Blue Navy Black

Digital Folder Color Chart

80 lb.
Smooth White
80 lb.
Eggshell White
100 lb.
C2S Gloss
Document Folder Color Chart
80 lb Felt 80 lb. Smooth 10 PT C1S 80 lb. Vellum 80 lb. Fiber
gray rose
Bright White White Marble Crush Yellow White Natural Cream Gray Rose
        ice blue thyme periwinkle    
        Ice Blue Thyme Periwinkle    
black red reflex blue green blue burgundy brown orange metallic gold metallic silver
Black Red
PMS 185
Reflex Blue Green
PMS 495
PMS 281
PMS 208
PMS 469
PMS 165
Gold PMS
Silver PMS

Foil Colors (Clear Foil is Also Available)

Metalic Foil Colors
silver platinum pewter gold brass treasure copper bronze
Silver Platinum Pewter Gold Brass Treasure Copper Bronze
apple cranberry blue foil sapphire green lime  
Apple Cranberry Blue Sapphire Teal Green Lime  

Non-Metallic Foil Colors

white pine burgundy
White Blue Pine Red Burgundy Black

See below for business card slit options for custom presentation folders with pockets. Choose from seven business card slit options and two brochure slit options.


Horizontal business card slits Business card diagonal corner slits diagonal corner slits right to left
H-1 Horizontal H-2 H-3
Vertical business card slits Vertical business card notched tabs Notched tabs for horizontal or vertical business card
V-4 H-4 C-1


Brochure slit option vertical 4 inches Brochure slit option vertical 6 inches

Product# Item 08-58


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