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Product#: 07-01

  • Size: 4" x 2 1/2"
  • Min/QTY: 1000
  • Price: $688.80


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Whether you're giving out gift cards as a present to your loved ones or using them as a marketing tool for your own business, this gift card holder is a must-have.

Made from high-quality cardstock, our gift card holder will keep your card safe from damage or wear and tear. The flap adds an extra layer of protection and gives a more professional presentation compared to a plain, unprotected gift card.


  • 20 lb. NCR Superior Paper
  • Minimum order quantity: 1000
  • Business card slit option available

With the option to customize the cardholder with your company logo or a personal message, you can make the gift card even more special for the recipient.

Order yours today and give the gift of convenience and protection. Call 1-800-492-1218 or request a Price Quote.

What’s the benefit of using a gift card in marketing?

When you offer gift cards, your customers can use them as an alternative way to pay for your products or services. They’re an appropriate giveaway all-year round, and using them as a promotional tool can help you reach more new customers. Gift cards can also be used to increase customer loyalty over time, as they will encourage repeat purchases.


Do gift cards help small businesses?

Gift cards can boost a business’s profits and generate extra cash flow. When your customers share your gift card with their friends and family, you’ll be able to tap into a new network of prospective buyers. Plus, they’re cost-effective and relatively easy to produce.


What information can I print on my custom gift card holder?

You can use a branded design for your gift card holder. Make sure to include important information for the recipient, such as the gift card amount, your business location and operating hours, contact information, and terms of use.

Product#: 07-01


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