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Landscape Maintenance Contracts - Customized With Logo, Carbonless Copies, 3-part Form, Preprinted

Size: 11 x 8.5
Min/QTY: 100
Price: $179.20

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Item#: 6523 
Size: 8 1/2 x 11"
Parts/Copies: 3-Parts/Triplicate (white, pink, and yellow pages)
Paper Material: Carbonless sheets to produce carbon copies
Ink Color: Preprinted in Green & Black Ink
Format: Snap Set Format
Customization: Add Logo and Customize
Printing: Turnaround 4 - 7 days
Shipping: 3 to 6 days standard ground

Product Description

Landscaping Agreement Contract Form

A landscaping agreement form is a contract between the landscaper and a client to provide landscape related services in exchange for an amount of money. The form is pre-printed with a checklist of eight main categories from which the landscaper can select the related services being provided. They are 

  1. Lawn Maintenance
  2. Spring Cleanup
  3. Fertilization/Weed Control Program
  4. Fall Cleanup
  5. Bed Care
  6. Gutter Cleaning
  7. Grub Control
  8. Other Projects

This format can be used for a residential and commercial contractual agreement where scheduling and frequency form the nature of the job. The landscaping company or landscaper offer services to beautify the landscape and maintain its upkeep. The contract or agreement is to make sure that there is a common understanding of the specifics of the job.

Features & Outline

Property Name & Address: _______________________________________ Location: ____________________
Contact Person: ______________________ Pnone No. _______________________ Date: ________________
Property Measurements: _____________________________________________________________________
Bed/Garden Size: ___________ Lawn Size: ___________ Soil Type: ____________ Irrigation: _____________

Date Ordered: ___________ Home Phone No. __________
Order Taken By: _______________ Work Phone No. ___________
Customer Order No. _____________ Seasonal Contract  [  ]  Repeat:  [  ]  Onetime Job:  [  ]
Approximate Start Date: ___________ Job Name/No. _______________
Job Location: _______________ Invoice Date: ____________________
Approximate Completion Date: _______________________

  $0.00      $0.00 
Weekly 0.00   Power Raking 0.00
Bi-Weely 0.00   Mowing/Trimming Maintained Areas 0.00
Off-Site Disposal of Grass Clippings  0.00   Cleanup Turf/Bed Areas 0.00
Monthly Cultivation of Bed Area 0.00   Cutting Back of Perennials 0.00
      Pruning (Trim & Shape) 0.00
      Aeration 0.00
________ Start  _________End     Off-site Disposal of Debris 0.00
Turf Fertilization     Bi-weekly Mowing Maintained Areas 0.00
[  ] Spring  [  ] With Crab Grass Control 0.00   Clean-up Turf/Bad Areas 0.00
[  ] Early Summer   0.00   Cutting Back of Perennials 0.00
[  ] Late Summer 0.00   Pruning (Trim & Shape) 0.00
[  ] Fall Winterizer 0.00   Aeration 0.00
Organic Fertilization     Winter Protection 0.00
[  ] Early Summer   0.00      
[  ] Late Summer 0.00      
[  ] Fall Winterizer 0.00   Transplanting 0.00
Broad Leaf Wood Control        
[  ] Late Spring 0.00   [  ] Off-site Disposal of Debris 0.00
[  ] Late Summer 0.00   _______ Start  _________ End  
Application of weed control to maintained beds 0.00      
Fertilization of Maintained Beds 0.00   [  ] Spring 0.00
[  ] Mulching 0.00   [  ] Fall 0.00
GRUB CONTROL     [  ] Other 0.00
[  ] Early Summer 0.00   Description Material Labor Amount $ 
Terms & Conditions:
Any additional services that may be needed shall
be provided at $ ____ per hour, per person plus
material. Billing will start on the first day of the
first month of the contract period & will be submitted
on the first of each month until the end of the
contract period. Upon signing, this agreement
becomes a legally binding contract. If at any time
either party wishes to cancel this contract, a two 
week written notice is required. We are not 
responsible for damage to sprinkler head, hoses,
children toys, cable lines, gas lines, invisible dog
fences etc.
      Total Materials  0.00
      Total Labor 0.00
      Sub-Total 0.00
      Tax 0.00
      TOTAL 0.00

We Propose: hereby to furnish material and labor, complete in accordance with the above specification. Acceptance of Proposal:  The above specifications are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. payments will be made as outlined above.

Order your Landscaping Maintenance Agreements forms at DesignsnPrint. We offer Custom Invoice Printing on carbonless paper. Give your company a professional look with landscaping maintenance agreement forms. You will be able to list all the details of work to be done while providing a signed contract establishing the terms of your job.
This form is already Pre-printed with standard terms of the agreement.
FREE Consecutive numbering available.
Customize this form by adding your company logo and business contact information. 


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