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Item#: 838 
Size: 4 x 13" with 2" perforated stub

  • Size: 13" x 4"
  • Min/QTY: 100
  • Price: $194.04


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Nail Salon Gift Certificate Printing

DesignsnPrint is the source for personalized and printed nail salon gift certificates. We make sturdy card stock certificates and vouchers that come with an envelope to make the process simple. As a beauty salon owner, you want to highlight your professionalism, courtesy, and customer service. Gift certificates are a great way to do this because they help to build your brand name while at the same time increase your potential client lists. You can offer gift certificates to people who want to give them as a gift to others or give them yourself to encourage people to try your service.

These gift certificates can be used in beauty salon related businesses that do manicure, pedicure, (mani, pedi), spa, etc. 


  • Gold foil print for sophisticated look and feel
  • Professionally pre-printed design to attract customers
  • Consecutively numbered
  • Detachable perforated stub
  • Expiration date

Nail salon gift certificates are a great way to show your appreciation and say thank you to customers. You can write in any dollar amount as a gift and the customer redeems it by getting the services that you offer. The ivory color and foil emboss will give your nail salon a luxurious appearance. They are personalized with your logo and business information, perforated and numbered. There is the added value of FREE envelopes that come along with these gift certificates. There is also a free display sign and one door/window decal! Order online now and save! These are great for salons and spas. 


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