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Item#: 833

  • Size: 9 x 3
  • Parts: 1-Part/Original
  • Min/QTY: 100
  • Price: $242.20


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Personalized Gift Certificates for Small Business

Designsnprint personalizes gift certificates for your small businesses by printing your logo, business name, address, and telephone number on each certificate. We are aware of the importance of typography in sending the right message, therefore you can also request to have special fonts that compliment your brand name. A gift certificate is a great way for businesses to retain current customers and promote their goods and services to new ones. It is a voucher that can be used as money for things that you sell.

How to use gift certificates for your small business and how to benefit from it

The main reason small businesses use gift certificates is for promotion because it has a far-reaching effect that befits the business and the recipient alike. It encourages customers to come back and entice new customers to try out your goods and services. 

Increased Sales - Many businesses sell gift certificates to patrons instead of gift cards. That means they collect the money upfront and the recipient of the certificate can use it whenever they like. This also has the effect of increased cash flow.

Personalization and Branding - Whenever a business chose to personalize a gift certificate, they are in essence increasing their brand awareness. 

Loyalty Program - You may choose to give away the gift certificate as free gift as opposed to selling it. It is a brilliant idea to include them as a part of your loyalty program rewarding your most dedicated customers and show them your appreciation. 

Targeting Potential Customers - You can use gift certificates to entice potential new customers to try whatever your small business is selling.

Some of the most popular businesses that use gift certificates are:

  • Restaurants - Pizza, Italian, fine dining, carry out, sports bars, 
  • Spas - massage parlor, chiropractors
  • Beauty Salons - hairs salons, barbershops, 
  • Retail store outlets
  • Hotels & Travel Business

Item#: 833

  • Size: 3" x 9" with perforated stub
  • Free matching envelopes
  • Pre-numbered in pads of 100, with detachable stubs
  • Add a logo to this product
  • Turnaround 3 - 5 days


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