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Product # FF-130

  • Size: 11 3/4" x 9 1/2"
  • Material: White Gloss C2S,100#
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $628.60
Tags: Contractor


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Custom Manila Job Folder with Full Tab, Glued Edge, & Thumb Cut


This manila job folder is glued at the edge to make a document sleeve, has a 0.75" full tab, and thumb cut. It can be custom printed with your business information or artwork. Businesses like yours use this type of file folder document sleeve or holder to keep a tab of work in progress. All the paperwork related to a particular job is inserted to keep track and avoid confusion. It provides an efficient method to store your documents in a folder sleeve, pocket, envelope, or wallet.


What's Custom Printed On The Job Folder

  1. The Tab Section. You can print the words "Job Name" & "Job Number" with a line beside it to write in the name and number of the job. A label or stamp can also be applied to the tab section to identify the job. These are just suggestions, you can print whatever is relevant to your business.
  2.  Table Format to Write in The Relevant Details. You can create a design with rows and columns with headings to capture location, the customer's name or who the job is billed to, a large section to write in the description, dates starting, ending, & billed), and the job cost summary section (these include cost for material, labor, sales tax, insurance, deductions, & total job cost).
  3.  Custom Printed in a Unique Way. You can create just about any design you wish. For example, a medical organization may use an image of the human body, an illustration of a vehicle for an automobile shop, or equipment parts. We can custom print on the flap, the front, and the back of the folder.

The manila paper stock is thick and the glued edge gives you a document holder that is durable to withstand the figures or the work environment. The folder pocket is deep enough to hold the standard 8.5 x 11" size paper or smaller. They can be filed in storage cabinets, on your desk, or in areas close to where the job is being performed. Job jacket folders can be used in construction, repair work, production, and maintenance. 

This folder has a full tab with glued edges. There is also a thumb cut on the top panel to easily access the papers inside. It can be used by businesses that keep tabs on jobs in progress. These are businesses like auto shops, machine repair, etc.

PROJECT: Style FF-130 11.75 x 9.5 File Folder with 8.75" glued pocket and .75" full tab
PAPER: 150MT - 150# Manila Tag

COPY: Customer-furnished print-ready files must be submitted at the time of order.
PROOF: Your first Adobe Acrobat PDF proof is included. There is a nominal charge for
a reader or contract proof, and additional PDF proofs.

IMAGE PROCESSES: PRINT SIDE 1: Prints 1 color on one side. Heavy ink coverage is not included.
FINISHING: Folders will be shipped flat unless otherwise indicated.
PRODUCTION TIME: 5-7 working days after receipt of all items and/or proof approval.

Product # FF-130


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