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Processing Speed: Manual Feed

  • Size: 9" x 6"
  • Min/QTY: 1
  • Price: $1260.00


Product Cost:

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The VersaSeal ONESHOT is a user-friendly, hard-fed pressure sealer. This portable machine is the perfect solution for short-run production in quantities of 1 to 1000; with 100 being a sweet spot. It works great on payroll, daily invoicing, accounts payable, one-off forms or reruns. The ONESHOT also works as a quick back up for production machines.

Compact desktop design that Provides easy installation and operation.

Print your document onto pressure seal paper, hand fold them, feed them through the Versaseal ONESHOT for an instant seal and they are ready to mail.

Value Added Feature: Auto reverse, precision ball bearings for durability and lower noise. Order Custom Pressure Seal Forms

Form Size: Maximum: 5.5" width (folded dimensions)
Fold Configurations: Pre-fold by hand. C, Z and V folds.
Paper Weights: VersaSeal stock 24# and 28#
Sealer: CArtridge style sealer roll system
Color: Gray
Size: 9" L x 6 3/16" W
Weight: 12 lbs
Power: 110 Volts AC


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