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Product: Custom Pressure Seal Checks

Custom printed pressure seal checks offer you a cost-efficient way to send secure checks with a one-piece mailer. The check can be customized with your own design with multiple security features. It has a colored background. Security features listed on the back. Your business now has the opportunity to send checks with one pressure sensitive piece of paper, a secure and efficient solution for check distribution.

The security features listed below, as well as those not listed, exceed industry guidelines. Absence of these features may indicate altercation.

  • Security Features: Results of document altercation
  • Security Screen: Absence of "Original Document" verbiage on back of the check.
  • Micro Printing: Small type under endorsement area and surrounding Padlock security box appear blurred if copied or scanned.

Added security features could include Foil Hologram, True Watermark Paper, Heat sensitive Ink, Multicolor Prismatic Background, Chemically Sensitive Paper, Toner Adhesion, just to name a few.

Custom Printed Pressure Sealed Checks For Your Business

These pressure seal checks can be customized with a unique design, multiple colors, sizes, and formats to satisfy your business goals. You do not need to stuff checks in envelopes. The edges of the pressure seal paper are made with pressure sensitive adhesive material that seals when sealed with a pressure seal machine. Request a price quote today and allow us to help you create the perfect mailing solution for your checks. Pressure checks are

  • Secure with multiple security features to prevent fraud
  • Cost effective with only a one-piece mailer that does not require an envelope, glue, hear, or water to seal.
  • Customizable to help build your brand and send a clear message
  • Saves you time by eliminating manual folding and sealing

Size: 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14" (other custom sizes available)
Folds: Z, Uneven Z, C, half folds and custom forms
Paper: 28lb Bond Paper or custom paper as requested
Printing: Simplex or Duplex Printing
Manufactured: One-Piece Self Mailer


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