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  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Parts: 2-Part Carbonless
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $151.20


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Dump Truck Driver Invoice Forms

Dump truck invoices are used to bill customers for the pickup and dumping of things dirt, rocks, trash, metals, wood, coal, and other materials in large amounts. It captures all the details about the job like a description of the material being hauled or transported, the billing rate per hour or day, type of truck used, pickup and dropoff times and locations, dates, etc. It is a multi-part form with copies for your customer and for your own record keeping. Note that this invoice can be customized and printed for your specific business. It may be used by:

  • Dump Truck Companies
  • Dump Truck Owner Operator
  • Dump Trucking Brokerage Service
  • Dump Truck Driver Hauling & Delivery

How to Order & Use The Dump Truck Invoice

To use a carbonless invoice for your dump truck business, you must first place the order online by selecting the template that works best. You can personalize it by inputting your business name and address. You cal also upload a logo to be added. Select the quantity, the number of parts, ink color, choose yes or no if you want it numbered. We will send a proof your email address before it is printed and shipped. 

Once you receive the invoices in the mail, they are ready to be used. Bill your customers and get paid fast by doing the following to complete them accurately:

  1.  Write in the client contact information - Name, business name, address, phone number, etc.
  2.  Include the origin and the destination where the material is being hauled
  3.  Input the driver's name, the type of truck, and the number of trucks
  4.  List the quantity, description of the material being hauled, hours/days and the amount charged
  5.  You can add a note at the bottom or terms and conditions of the job

Quantity: 250
Parts: 2 and 3 Parts
Ink Color: Black Ink
Format: Carbonless form with a glued edge
Numbering: Consecutively Numbered


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