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  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Parts: 2-Part Carbonless
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $149.80
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Printing a Professional Trucking Invoice

This form is a trucking invoice with rates and charges. It shows the hours, rate and total amount charged for hauling materials. It is custom printed with your logo, company name, and address. You can write the type of material being hauled, the weight, loading and unloading times. It can be easily customized to make it more specific to your business. This could be the perfect invoice for your truck hauling business. It is printed with detailed fields to capture the type of truck/trailer, sub-hauler, prime carrier, shipper contractor, and more. It can be used for large companies with dump trucks, articulated trucks, moxy, or a small owner-operator. 

How To Use This Trucking Invoice

This type of invoice is one of the many options available to trucking companies, truck drivers, and others proving trucking services to bill their clients. It is a manual format that is preprinted with the relevant information that makes it easy to use. This paper format is an alternative to digital invoicing software and is very popular among companies who like working with a hard copy. It is printed using carbonless paper so that multiple copies and created for the different parties involved in the job.

We make it easy to design, print, and send custom invoices for truck drivers. This format is totally customizable at no additional cost. Start billing your clients with a professionally made invoice no matter what kind of trucking business you operate. Get paid faster and keep proper records for accounting during the tax season. 

Here are some of the ways to use a trucking Invoice:

  1.  Record the type of material being hauled
  2.  Keep track important dates like the invoice due date
  3.  List the weight, rates, price, and total amount charged
  4.  Record bill to and ship to information
  5.  Input the terms and conditions
  6.  Sign and date the invoice

This trucking invoice is made specifically with information related to the industry, therefore, it has all the relevant fields that make it easy to fill out. It is well formated with rows and columns resulting in a professional business form.

Customizing and Personalization

Adding your logo and business information helps to build a stronger brand name and also enhances your professionalism in the trucking business. We can also print the form in full-color to make it more attractive.

You can use the template as it is, upload your own file or request customizations. Send an email indicating all the changes, we will send a final proof to you before its printed. 

Ink: Black 
Parts: 2 and 3 Parts
Quantity: Minimum 250
Format: Snap-set or Glued at the edge
Paper: 20 lb NCR carbonless paper


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Great Work!
Always great to work with you. Our trucking Invoices came out just as we wanted them to.

Good Service
We purchase trucking invoices for our business through Designs N Print and they always are in top quality and show up at our door quickly. Thank you.