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Custom Printed Parking Citation & Complaint NCR 4-Part Form with Envelope

DESCRIPTION: This Citation consists of a 4-Part form using White, Pink, Green, and Yellow colors. The Yellow page is the backside of a White Return Envelope that has a “Peel and Stick” adhesive strip at one edge. The
envelope has a security design printed on the inside. The White, Pink & Green Forms are bound to each other along the right edges. The entire set is bound together into sets of 25 to make a complete booklet.

DIMENSIONS: White, Pink, Green: 4.25” (h) x 8.125” (w)

Yellow: 4.25” (h) x 8.25” (w) to accommodate adhesive strip.
White Envelope: 4.25” (h) x 7.4375” (w)

STOCK: Quality NCR Form paper stock, that allows for good “ink” penetration to the 4th copy in.

INKS: 2 spot colors: Black and Pantone 032 (red)
SERIALIZATION: The Citation has Serialization numbers at two locations using red ink. This Serialization number shall be stamped on to carry over to the Pink, Green, and Yellow forms.

ARTWORK: customer to supply digital files

Size: 4.25 x 8.125"
Parts: 4-parts and an envelope
Ink Color: Black


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